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Zoom & Take-Home Teeth Whitening

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At Spanish Trail Dentistry, our mission is to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Strickland and our highly trained team of dental specialists have years of experience providing excellent quality general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, and we pride ourselves on our fun, friendly office environment. While standard teeth cleanings and at home oral care are often sufficient for a healthy smile, sometimes patients want an extra boost to the whiteness of their smile - and that's why we're proud to offer both take-home and in-office Zoom whitening treatment.

Zoom In-Office Whitening

Zoom is a fast, convenient, and painless procedure that's been proven to whiten teeth by up to 8 shades, leaving teeth beautiful, shining, and clean. It works by using a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel that infiltrates the porous enamel of the teeth, eliminating any stains and splotches below the surface. It's completely safe, pain-free, and proven to be effective. We normally schedule 3 hours for zoom in-office if you are a good candidate. Some things to be aware of is if you have anterior restorations we will need to check to see if they will work with this treatment. However for restorations of front teeth we can replace those restorations so that they match your newly whitened teeth.

 Before your whitening, we'll need to schedule you for a full teeth cleaning to prep your mouth, but the actual whitening session takes only about an hour. Some patients experience temperature sensitivity afterwards, but this normally fades within a few days.

Take-Home Treatment

Alternatively, we're happy to offer take-home whitening treatments for patients with a busy schedule. This offers all the benefits of an in-office session along with the convenience of performing them in your own home. With only three applications over the course of a few days, you'll have a smile that's clean, beautiful, and up to six shades lighter!


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Have more questions about teeth whitening or any other treatment we offer? We're here to help! Feel free to call us at 850-444-9988, reach out to us at our contact page, or use our easy online form to schedule your next appointment at our Pensacola, FL office. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve the smile you've 


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Having just adopted two young boys, getting dental care up to par was a priority. The boys disagreed. They had only had very negative experiences and were crying at the thought of going to the dentist. Upon arriving, the ladies talked with the boys and teased out smiles. The first cleanings took a whiledue to lack of proper hygiene, but Dr. Strickland adn his team took the time to comfort, build rapport and teach the boys about good dental hygiene. We just finished the final fillings with no anxiety or tears. Dental appointments are taken in stride! Dr. Strickland and his great team have made a huge difference to my family. Thank you for making our smiles beautiful!

Danyelle Lantz

My daughter Debbie is a dental hygienist and we Readings and the Bass family know a good dentist when we use them ( Jeff )! Dr. Strickland and his entire staff are "the most to say the least". We would not think of using anyone else.

John Reading, Pharmacist

Dr. Strickland & Staff:

I want to share my happiness with you all about my decision to switch dental providers a little over 1 year ago.

My only regret is " why did I wait so long?".

Each of you make each visit an extremely pleasurable experience. Dr. Strickland, I love your "chair-side" manner and your attention to detail is outstanding. I find myself looking forward to my dental appointments rather than dreading the session.

The warm and welcoming greetings along with the family-like interaction that your patients receive from Mary Virginia, Beth, Deirdre, Kyline and
Jennifer are endearing and make me feel like a family member, rather than just another patient!

It all is such a pleasant and comforting experience.


Michelle Pittman

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