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Composite Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings Enhance Your Smile’s Beauty

 A composite resin filling is designed to closely match the natural appearance of tooth enamel. This allows patients to receive high-quality care without sacrificing the beauty of their smiles. Composite fillings are used to treat cavities in conjunction with a number of procedures related to cosmetic dentistry in Pensacola, FL. Chips, cracks, and tooth fractures can all be addressed with the help of this versatile material. Not only does composite resin have a superior appearance, it is hard, tough, and will last a long time without discoloring. 

Why Choose Composite Resin Fillings?

There are two primary kinds of filling materials used in dentistry: composite resin and silver amalgam. Both of these materials have advantages to offer. Your dentist in Pensacola, FL, can tell you more about these two materials and how they can support your treatment. Because composite resin fillings closely match natural tooth enamel, this is the preferred material when working on visible tooth surfaces. Resin fillings can be used as part of a course of cosmetic dentistry work. Patients might need some resin material in addition to teeth whitening to achieve the results they want.


 How Composite Resin Fillings Are Used


This material is used to treat many different dental concerns, including:


·       Applying to teeth that have been chipped, broken, or cracked

·       Closing the gap between one tooth and another

·       Filling holes in decaying teeth

·       Building up tooth surfaces that have been worn down


A patient usually receives resin fillings during the course of a single appointment. A numbing anesthetic is applied to the tooth being treated so the dentist can remove the decayed portion. The space is then carefully cleaned, and the resin is prepared. Once in place, the resin is shaped and polished.

 Improve Your Smile Today

Teeth whitening, composite fillings, and other cosmetic dentistry options can help improve your smile. Make an appointment with Dr. Jeff Strickland by calling 850-444-9988.


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My daughter Debbie is a dental hygienist and we Readings and the Bass family know a good dentist when we use them ( Jeff )! Dr. Strickland and his entire staff are "the most to say the least". We would not think of using anyone else.

John Reading, Pharmacist

Dr. Strickland & Staff:

I want to share my happiness with you all about my decision to switch dental providers a little over 1 year ago.

My only regret is " why did I wait so long?".

Each of you make each visit an extremely pleasurable experience. Dr. Strickland, I love your "chair-side" manner and your attention to detail is outstanding. I find myself looking forward to my dental appointments rather than dreading the session.

The warm and welcoming greetings along with the family-like interaction that your patients receive from Mary Virginia, Beth, Deirdre, Kyline and
Jennifer are endearing and make me feel like a family member, rather than just another patient!

It all is such a pleasant and comforting experience.


Michelle Pittman

Dr Strickland and staff is a fun and friendly office with a great team
with exceptional dental work. The reason I am taking the time to write this is
because I want people to know their is something special about this
Dentist and his staff.

I’m always surprised how much time Dr Strickland spends as he checked each
tooth and charts my gum line to the hygienist. Dr Strickland talks to me
about my teeth and gums and makes recommendations. They always treat me
well and meet my dental needs. Thank You Dr Strickland!!!!!!

Richard Wright 6 year patient

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