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All on Four, Teeth in a day

All on Four, Teeth in a Day 

Dr. Strickland is one of just a few dentists in Pensacola offering this new technique in full mouth restoration.  This procedure, working along with a periodontist, permits placement of 4 dental implants and a fixed bridge in as little as one appointment.  An entire mouthful of teeth may be replaced with implants and non-removable set of new teeth in as little as one day.  In most cases there is no bone grafting, no sinus grafting or lift, no incision or suture placement and no healing time required.  Those patients who have bone loss and are in danger of loosing all their teeth and patients who currently wear dentures are most likely best served by this procedure.

Teeth in one day can change your life. If you are currently wearing dentures and want something that does not come in and out of the mouth the All on Four procedure may be right for you.  If you are facing limited treatment options due to do periodontal disease, loss of bone structure or ill fitting dentures, you may find this procedure to be the best solution to your dental problems.   The All on Four procedure is a better alternative to those we've had in the past.  This new technique gives patients 90 percent of their chewing ability back in a single appointment, with less pain and at a much lower cost.  If you've suffered the agony and embarrassment of a serious degenerative oral condition, your suffering is over.  There's simply never been a better time in history to correct the problem and start living life more fully. 

Please feel free to call our office to discuss this outstanding treatment option.

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